Outplacement Support

Redundancy is a fundamental part of any healthy business’s operations.

Whether you’re looking to downsize due to market conditions, or the business has been handed over to new leadership that wants to take the company in a new direction, or you might quite simply need to reduce costs, outplacement can benefit both you and your ex-employees as they leave.

Outplacement support benefits include:

  • You’ll reduce the likeliness of bad publicity as ex-employees leave and bad mouth you elsewhere, and you’ll also struggle less to re-hire in the future, as new candidates know you treat your staff well, even after they’ve left
  • Your remaining team’s productivity will remain high because they know they’ll be treated well in all circumstances
  • You’ll give people the tools they need to get back out there and find a great new job with ease
  • You’ll give those individuals better piece of mind during what can be a stressful time, and you’ll acknowledge the hard-work and contribution they made as a member of your team
  • You’ll help maintain a culture of positivity, helpfulness and productivity across your working environment
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