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While exploring opportunities to relocate and find a job, Nico was extremely helpful, agile and great to communicate with. Within weeks from our first conversation I was offered a job. Excellent guy to work with and a professional I'd recommend to anyone seeking an employment opportunity in Dynamics market.

Goran Dobricic
AX Project Manager

Nico is by far the best recruiter I know. He helped me a lot to find a very good job in UK. He perfectly understood my needs and very soon he found the best position I could imagine. I feel really fortunate to cooperate with him

Dimitris Bampas
Dynamics Manager

Nico has been extremely helpful in my process of getting a Job abroad, One day he came to me with this option of working in Malta, He gave me all the information that was really accurate, not only in timeframes but also in terms of wage and conditions, I went through all the process and I finally got this chance in Malta, after I was accepted he settled all the arrangements for my paperwork and work conditions and he has been constantly present and helping as much as he can, My greatest recommendation for him and the company he works for, the best recruiter you can get for achieving your dream job.

Santiago Calle
AX Consultant

Thank you very much for the awesome work you've done placing me. I am very grateful and must emphasize your professionalism dealing with all the details.

Joao Braganca
Dynamics Solutions Architect

Nico made me feel at ease knew exactly what I was looking for. I felt totally confident that he will be able to find that change I was seeking. Keeping in touch every step of the way and listening to my concerns about seeking new opportunities seemed to be Nico's specialty. I'm actually glad that he contacted me and those words that always make you feel weary "leave it with me I will find you what you are looking for" Nico delivered it 100% looking forward to my new position

Patita Patel
Dynamics NAV Consultant

I am often inundated with messages from recruiters that have roles vaguely related to what I do. I'm not a developer and coming from a big 4 consultancy, I would need a really good reason and role to move to. Joey came to me with a role that was totally applicable to the work that I do and also showed good knowledge of some specifics of the role that would appeal to anyone joining a CRM implementation project. Joey was clear, concise, took time out of her holidays and evenings to assure that I had what I needed for the interview and was a good sounding board for my thoughts and discussions throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend Joey.

Brett Bennett-Smith
CRM Functional Lead

I receive many unsolicited requests from IT recruiters, but Joey stood out from the crowd.

She had obviously read my profile before she contacted me, and her contact was neither intrusive nor bland.

Joey is professional, she listens attentively and strives to meet your needs appropriately. She is prompt at returning calls and I was delighted when she secured me my current role.

I have no doubts about recommending Joey - she was a delight to deal with!

Rebecca Stenning
Dynamics CRM Consultant

Joey is an excellent recruitment consultant. I told her I was going to be picky and she looked at my CV and matched it to my ideal job - so often recruiters call with jobs which are inappropriate.

She listened to my insecurities about the interview process and encouraged me through it. I thank her for her help and would recommend her without hesitation.

Jane Gargo
Dynamics CRM BA

“Joey is a kind, professional, experienced and the "best" recruitment consultant.


She found me the right job at the right time which eventually became my current job. During the whole process, even from the first instance and talking about me through the interviews and process until the signing of the contract, she has always been there, ready to help and to answer any questions I had (even the silly one). She is a really positive person. We still remain in contact and she is always interested in see how the position is going. Thank you so much Joey!”

Bhavana Rawat
Dynamics CRM tester

Sean was brilliant throughout the whole process of finding and successfully securing my new role. He was approachable, friendly and professional throughout, he made me feel confident in my decision to pursue a career in a new direction. Thank you Sean!

Ruth Rooney
Dynamics CRM Consultant

The best recruitment consultant I've had the pleasure to work with, very professional and dedicated to his work, always available to offer help and advice. I highly recommend Alex.

Abhijit P.
Web Developer

Dealing with Alex was a real breath of fresh air from the average recruitment experience; he was polite, courteous and was quickly able to build a solid picture of requirements and expectations. In a field where frustration is often the norm, it was a pleasure to work with him.

Adam Cole
Senior Dynamics AX Consultant

I would highly recommend Alex for his professional services. This is the first time I've worked with him but from the start he was keen to understand my experience and strengths and seek out the opportunities I was suited to. Alex helped me find the right job for my skill set, kept me informed throughout the whole process and was always keen to provide any help and advice.

Adelina Hristova
Dynamics AX Consultant

Sean is an exceptional professional, not only doing the run-of-the-mill recruitment work, but spotting a square peg for a square hole and going the extra mile. I emailed him Thursday 6th, he called me, arranged a phone interview for 5pm the same day, a face-to-face interview on Friday 7th, and I started at his client on Tuesday 11th!! 

I would recommend Sean for his outstanding work - he was very eager, all the time available (emails through the evening!) , very effective and professional.

Alan Ratcliff

Philippa was very professional in her approach to finding me a new position within the Dynamics community. She is extremely personable, professional and looks after her candidates as individuals rather than a commodity to be placed and her communication is first class. I have no doubt that she will succeed whoever she works for and whatever field she covers. An asset to any organisation.

Alan Rockey
ERP Project Manager

James makes things happen! He is an outstanding professional who helped me achieve the career change I was looking for. His enthusiasm, support and friendly communication are some of his best qualities.

Ana Gomes
Dynamics AX Support

Sean is a very good professional. He helped me during the whole recruiting process and offering me a contract in a company in accordance with my expectations. I strongly recommend him as a recruiter.

Andrés Hernández
Business Analyst

I can highly recommend Sean as a recruiter. He is very friendly and a true professional. It was very easy to work with him from the very first contact to the end of the process.

Annu Altintop
Dynamics NAV Consultant

Sean is a qualified professional that gets you through all the steps of the recruiting process, and checks that you are comfortable in each and every one of them. His personal qualities are vigorous energy and sympathy, a person that we can easily empathize. 
A special thanks for the work done on my profile. 

Elisabete Rodrigues
Dynamics NAV Consultant

Alex is a very reliable and professional and I am really happy that I worked with him. 
He helped me a lot in finding an excellent job opportunity in UK which eventually became my current job. During the whole process, even from the first instance and talking about different opportunities until the signing of the contract, he has always been there, ready to help, to answer any questions, to deal with any doubts. 

Emil Luchev
NAV Consultant

Sean is a top performer as a Dynamics Recruitment Consultant. Based on my experience, I can say he holds 

1. Great demonstrated knowledge of the Dynamics market and strong connections in this area 
2. Enthusiasm and passion on this work, with a positive but realistic attitude needed in this business to face issues 
3. Fast response and good suggestions always during all the process 
4. Exceptional support during and after the selection process 

I would definitely recommend him, this are the connections you want to keep on a long term basis.

Francisco Perez
AX Project Manager

Thanks to Alex I was offered a really interesting job. I am happy I had a chance to work with him. He is brilliant, professional and trustworthy.

George Ivanov
Senior Software Engineer

Philippa identified my profile as a "fit" for her clients' requirements. At all stages she kept me informed, providing detailed briefing and information, and ensuring that I was fully prepared. 

I am now very happily settled with an excellent team, and can recommend Philippa to anyone looking for a professional and innovative Dynamics recruitment consultant.

Gillies Payne

Alex always seems to have better job offers than the competence, the time he spent worrying about my job application before and after I had the job really made the difference. Next time I need to find a job opportunity I hope Alex remains in the business.

Gustavo Cacho
NAV Technical Consultant

Sean is an excellent recruitment consultant for Dynamics. I have got the fantastic job offer with the help of Sean. I've never been left waiting for feedback, I knew exactly what was going on throughout the whole process.

Hristina Todorova
Dynamics NAV Developer

Philippa is a very professional specialist. Her recruitment management skills allow her to find solutions to any arising issues and challanges quickly. She is proactive, motivating and leading to success. 

Philippa is a very pleasant person to do business with whom I highly recommend her to anyone. 

Igne Butene
Dynamics NAV Developer

Nico has gained a very good understand of the UK Dynamics market in a relatively short period of time. He approached me recently and did a superb job of assessing my skills and abilities to find me a suitable role. This subsequently got me a number of interviews, one of which was successful. Well done Nico!

Jenny O'Neill
Dynamics Project Manger

There are recruitment consultants and there is Alex. Alex has a knack for ensuring a perfect fit and the resources to be able to deliver this match between organisation and individual. Not only an excellent recruiter but a very nice chap indeed. 

Jerome Simeoni
CRM Consultant

Jake has great communication skills and was a great help in difficult solutions. On the moment I wanted to change a job, it was a challenge as I needed to move to other city and wanted to move together with my boyfriend. It was a great success that Jake was able to find job for both of us in a same company and everything was sorted fast and professionally.

Lina Jančytė
NAV Consultant

During my recent search for a new position I engaged with many recruitment consultants;out of all those Sean was one of few that stood out. 
Sean understands how important is to match the right candidate for the right vacancy.

Throughout the whole process his communication was excellent and provided great support during and after the selection process.

Malladi Shanthi
Test Analyst

I would like to recommend Alex for his outstanding work which he did in my case. He was very eager, all the time available, very effective and professional. All and all it has been a great experience!

Matic Šerc
Dynamics NAV Consultant

Sean stands out as being very professional, polite and easy to work with. He helped me to get my first contract in the UK. The level of communication he maintained with me all along the recruitment process was beyond excellent. 
I have no reservations recommending him to all the people who are searching for new job opportunities.

Miguel Sanguino
AX Project Manager

Alex is a very open and communicative person who helped me find a new job. He handled everything exemplary and was always available at all times throughout the whole process. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Nelson Alberto
NAV Technical Consultant

Sean is very professional and takes care of all the issues and details. I would strongly recommend him.

Pau Ortí
NAV Developer

Alex has demonstrated that he is highly qualified, understanding customers and consultants requirements and finding the best match between them perfectly. I´m very happy of having chosen him for leading me into a new job position. He has always been there when needed and he has had the best suggestions. Quite helpful with the reallocation. I will recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for a job in Microsoft Dynamics.

Rafael Crespo
NAV Senior Developer

Philippa did a great job connecting me with my employer. She took care of every detail during the recruitment process.

Rafael Sánchez
NAV Developer

Alex is an excellent recruitment consultant. I've spent the better part of a month trying to decide between job opportunities, and Alex has remained professionally detached whilst I've flip-flopped between various contracting, and permanent positions. When I finally reached a decision it was with Alex's client. Highly recommended.

Roland Gooday
Solution Architect

Sean is very friendly and a great professional. He works on all your questions during the recruiting process and makes a lot of recommendations to you feel comfortable. He is a brilliant recruiter.

Rui Figueiredo
NAV Consultant

I found my new job thanks to Alex. Great work!

Sergio Castelluccio
Technical Architect

Alex helped me to identify an excellent job opportunity within my area of competence and corresponding to my potentials and preferences. He guided me throughout the whole selection process with professional advices and personal commitment. I would happily work with Alex again and I warmly recommend him as very reliable and professional in the area of personnel source and selection.

Stefano Boffino
Support Desk Consultant

Sean has been a clear communicator and great listener who understood my needs for my next challenge and aligned them with prospective roles. A true match maker "without the fuss".

Thanks Sean and I wish you the best of luck for future.

Tabish Mazhar

I would like to recommend Jake for his professional and proactive attitude, from the beginning to the end of my application process. He always gave me feedback about how it was between the Company and myself and he has been aware of me all the time. 
He searched for me the best option to move to work to UK, he is a very good option to contact with if you want to apply for a job in UK!

Tamara Aguado
Dynamics NAV Support Consultant

Nico is a great guy and he is passionate for his job. He is a very attentive person, so he makes sure that his 
clients are happy and comfortable. He got me through the unsure times with his energy and his motivating personality. I was very impressed with the speed in which he delivered a successful opportunity. 
Many thanks Nico!

Turi Marcell
Dynamics NAV Support Consultant

Sean is friendly and has excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely organised and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. He is flexible and works well in a team. 
Sean is a tremendous asset and has my highest recommendation. 

Victor Buetas
Dynamics NAV Developer

I would like to recommend Jake for his outstanding work which he did in my particular case. He handled everything exemplary and was always available at all times throughout the whole process.

Yury Rest
Dynamics NAV Technical Lead