Market mapping and Talent Pipeline

At Conspicuous, we’re proud to offer our clients a new level of strategic, analytical service, market mapping and talent pipeline.

The aim is to use our extensive knowledge of the Dynamics 365 landscape to work in partnership with our clients to help you stay ahead when it comes to securing the best talent.
With a market mapping and talent pipeline report (which we outline below), you’ll be in a market-leading position to understand exactly what jobs you need to create, what your ideal candidates should look like and then to plan your strategy.

Our 7 -step process:

  • Step one is working in partnership to understand your business needs
  • We work with you to attract high quality passive candidates
  • We track everyone we talk to
  • We identify your competitors
  • We work out what information you need to know and what you can live without
  • We research specific roles and candidates who have the experience
  • We walk you through our comprehensive report
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