Executive Search / Retained Recruitment

If you enter into an executive search or retained recruitment agreement with us, we’ll be your exclusive recruitment partner.

This means we’ll work tirelessly on your behalf to find the right candidates that fill your resource gaps.

Our offer:

As your executive search partner, we dedicate time and resource to exclusively work on the various job positions you have, and this means you’ll get a better, more tailored result. We have over 15 years’ Dynamics industry experience, and that means we understand the key requirements of any D365 project, as well as how and where to find the best candidates for the job.

Key Executive Search benefits include:

  • We can offer a lower rate because we’re in an exclusive partnership with you
  • You’re our number one priority – we’re totally committed to finding you the best candidates
  • We’re a direct link to the D365 market and can search a broad range of channels to find the best candidates
  • We qualify every candidate rigorously to meet your criteria before you ever meet anyone, and we only introduce you to the top 3-5

Our 8-step process:

  • Fees are split into a third on engagement, third on shortlist and third on candidate start date.
  • We take the job brief directly from you, ensuring full accuracy
  • We find a long list of candidates from our existing networks, our databases, advertising, networks and social media accounts
  • We undergo candidate screening to guarantee appropriateness for the role and the business fit
  • We then refer our shortlist to you for your approval
  • We arrange interviews with the candidates you approve
  • We check reference, visa and qualifications if necessary
  • Presenting and negotiating offers
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