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The most common mistakes we see with NAV implementations

NAV implementations range from just a few thousand pounds
to millions and from one person companies to multinational corporations. Every
company is different and so every implementation is different. The charm of
Dynamics NAV is that it can be implemented straight from the box or it can be
redeveloped to suit individual need.

The versatility of Dynamics NAV results in various
Conspicuous would like to
highlight some key considerations companies should look at prior, during and
post implementation.



your Partner

Knowing your Partner is crucial. You need to naturally
like the personalities involved, their sales pitch and their numbers.
Importantly you also need to know if a Partner has the capability to deliver
your solution, if the Partner is a specialist in your market and if a Partner
has a propensity to undersell and then ‘relook’ at the numbers and deliverables
once the project is underway.


what Vanilla NAV 2013 can do

In an ideal world the key stakeholders of a NAV
implementation should have spent some time looking and getting to grips with a
vanilla version of the solution. This gives an insight to the product and the
strengths and weaknesses in respect to your business.


your business processes

A new ERP solution should be viewed as the opportunity to
relook at your business processes and it gives the opportunity to reinvigorate
a company, alter and evolve as no doubt the years will have ticked by since
their last ERP solution was initially put in place. We have previously seen a
company with two sites who tried to implement one NAV solution without merging
the business processes with disastrous results.


desirability of in-house technical expertise

For all NAV implementations but especially when the
project is large it is important to remember that whilst both parties want the
same result; a fabulous NAV solution that is giving substantial ROI and has
helped to drive the business forward, there is slightly conflicting intent.

The client wants a fabulous solution as cheaply as
possible. The Partner wants to sell development and consultative days to give a
Rolls-Royce solution with a Rolls-Royce price tag.  With in-house NAV expertise it is much easier
to keep a lid on costs.


Work in
partnership to implement the best solution

This sounds very obvious but too often we see individuals
manipulating situations for their own gains to the detriment of an overall
project. The project must be a partnership between the client and the Partner.


in partnership post implementation

A really important step that is often forgotten.
Microsoft is constantly upgrading the solution, there is a constant stream of
excellent add-ons available and businesses evolve. As these things happen so
the system may need some attention. All too often a Partner implements a solution
and apart from annual support invoices, effectively walks away from the client.


Conspicuous have
been Navision / Dynamics NAV recruitment specialists since 2000. We have seen
the product evolve, have worked with NAV end-users of all shapes and sizes and
for over a decade have seen both successful and very occasionally rather less
successful implementations.


At Conspicuous we see ourselves as much more than a
recruitment agency and so for any advice on the Partners, NAV users or the
market in general please do get in touch.





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