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The Ebb and Flow of Fortunes – Dynamics AX Partners in the UK

Whilst Axapta / Dynamics AX has been sold for the last 20 years, in the UK the AX market remains in its infancy with just a handful of established Partners.

Over the last 5 years Microsoft has concentrated their efforts on driving forward Dynamics AX as their Enterprise business solution. They have further developed the solution and spent a small fortune on sales and marketing. Dynamics AX is primed to compete with and hopefully be bigger than SAP in the years ahead.

From an outsider’s point of view it looks like an easy business to be involved in. Microsoft have developed a fantastic and very versatile solution. Microsoft are actively selling and marketing AX. Microsoft are also a trusted global brand therefore end-users can have faith in the solution, both in terms of support and it evolving with their business for years to come.

There have been several companies that have entered into this market and some have been more successful than others. We have seen potentially good Partners fail to sell and so ultimately fail to stay in business.
There are of course numerous reasons why Partners fail and these include the failure to sell any new solutions, the failure to deliver the solutions to the clients that have been sold to and the costs associated with building and retaining a Dynamics AX team to deliver when the time comes.
Conspicuous have been Dynamics Recruitment specialists since 2000 and so we have seen new Partners evolve and we can see the ebb and flow of Partners as they either prosper or struggle.

These are currently very interesting times with a handful of Partners doing exceptionally well, some of which are turning away distressed AX Projects where the less capable have run into difficulties. There are some Partners that have failed or struggled to sell in 2013 and some Partners who are building AX resource internally, only for talented Consultants, Project Managers and Developers to be sitting on the bench doing very little.

Conspicuous can see which Partners are the ones to be part of in 2014 and beyond and more importantly which Partners to avoid!
At Conspicuous we see ourselves as much more than a recruitment agency. For any advice on the Partners, Projects or AX market in general, please do get in touch.

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