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24th July 2012 Cindy Bates (VP Microsoft US) blogged about the benefits of transforming your business into a community, of building a strong customer understanding  and she gives an example of a Seattle shop that doubles as a community meeting point.

At Conspicuous we are in no doubt of the value of community.  We have been working with the Dynamics NAV and AX community for over 12 years and continue to expand our networks on a global level.

At Conspicuous we take great pride in understanding our client’s business needs and working in partnership with the clients.  We are fully aware that employees are the backbone of any organization.

We also believe that we work with our candidates to formulate their individual careers within Dynamics.

There is nothing that gives greater satisfaction than walking into the offices of a client knowing that people we have placed there in 2000 are still there today.

Within the Dynamics Community everyone is different and so a ‘one shoe fits all’ policy is impossible.  Knowledge of the market, past, present and with that experience looking at the future is the key.  We find that each role is different but more importantly it is always crucial to know the goals, motivations and aspirations of everyone looking for a new role.

The concept of the Dynamics Community is very much alive within Conspicuous!

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