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The best emerging sectors for Dynamics AX jobs

There’s some fantastic news for those looking for Dynamics AX jobs: Microsoft is pushing their Dynamics business into new and emerging sectors. What this means for Microsoft Dynamics AX candidates is that there is set to be a serge in Dynamics AX roles, ensuring better job prospects for Dynamics candidates. Here are just a few of those sectors.

Dynamics AX jobs for government

The public sector is being reformed throughout the UK, and the government’s need to incorporate better technology into its day-to-day operations is increasing.

AX is helping to transform governments into agile, responsive organisations that put the needs of their constituents first. An effective implementation of AX can help to drive innovation from the inside, relying on data from the community that is then analyzed, helping to craft sensible, affordable policies quickly.

There is going to be a growing need, therefore, for AX developers to implement those solutions, as well as consultants who can guide end-users to the right custom AX solution.

AX jobs in healthcare

While Dynamics CRM is beginning to be used on the front line of healthcare in wards across the world, Dynamics AX jobs are cropping up to support the growing demand for customised AX solutions tailored to the healthcare supply chain.

A good example is the Talley Group, which offers over 10,000 individual items to hospitals, nursing homes and GP surgeries around the world. Partner eBECS created them an AX-based ERP solution to help – according to Tyrone White, Head of Manufacturing – “adapt it to suit [their] manufacturing, supply chain and logistics processes.”

Stories like these are emerging across the world, and this means more Dynamics AX jobs.

AX jobs in the financial services

The financial services have been rapidly evolving over the last decade. From the physical trading floor to the smartphone app, the financial services have had to move with the digitalization of the other services industries.

Dynamics partners like Dynamics Advantage have a specialised division dedicated to creating tailor-made AX solutions to businesses in the financial services. AX brings greater multi-company management, treasury management, and financial compliance to the financial services organisations.

This creates a range of new Dynamics AX roles in the finance sector – from developers programming cloud-first, mobile-first business solutions, to Dynamics support consultants and recruiters.

Dynamics AX jobs in the education sector 

The need to drive up test scores while lowering cost-per-pupil is one of the most important movements within the education sector across the world.

Education providers are therefore taking advantage of Dynamics AX’s ERP capabilities to enable a high quality education service in the wake of decreased governmental budgets and a steadily growing number of pupils.

Dynamics AX jobs are likely to expand in the education sector, with institutions looking to better manage their HR, finances, procurement, funds, endowments and grants, facilities and assets, admissions and enrollment, student and teacher performance, alumni and more.

AX jobs and public justic 

Public justice with a rapidly growing population that is increasingly mobile is becoming more and more challenging.

Defra, the Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has taken advantage of Dynamics AX to integrate finance running costs and human resources system at the Rural Payments Agency to more than 2,000 employees.

The system was developed in coordination with Hitachi Solutions Europe. With all parts of the public sector expected to be reducing their spending that bit further, more and more departments will likely be turning to Microsoft solutions like Dynamics AX to implement fiscal tightening.

This means more roles for Dynamics AX professionals – both programmers and consultants, as more experts are brought in to solve these complex issues.

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