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Relocating to the UK

As Dynamics recruitment specialists we are in a prime position to see the European and global movement of talent. We can see how macroeconomics has an impact upon a country’s Dynamics’ professionals.

Over the last few years there has been a steady influx to Britain of EU Dynamics NAV and AX developers and consultants. The article below is set out to give an overview on the practicalities when relocating.


Within the UK, health provision is free and in general it is an excellent standard. It is provided by the National Health Service (NHS). If you require health care it is free at the point of access.

Additional points:
Your prescription drugs will not be free but the NHS offers a substantial discount and this varies between England, Scotland, Wales and NI.
Private health insurance is not very common in the UK although some companies do offer it as part of their salary package. Health Insurance is primarily useful for non-emergency procedures – for example if you have ligament damage on your knee you can this ‘fixed’ more quickly with health insurance.


Primary and secondary education in Britain is free and you will need to apply for places in your local schools. There is often competition for places and hence first choice is not guaranteed. Your local authority will have a full list of schools in the area available

Additional points:
All schools are graded by an independent commission and so there is generally a higher demand for the better schools within any area.
There are also fee paying ‘Independent Schools’ throughout the UK

Useful websites:


Public transport is generally good in the UK with Bus and Coach Services usually offering better value for money than trains.

Additional points:
Each area within the country should have their local bus operation.

Useful websites:


Many companies will offer consultants a car allowance to buy a car of their choosing in order to drive to client sites.

It is possible to transport your own car to the UK and you will then have 6 months to register with the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).
Naturally it is possible to purchase a car in the UK. Both Autotrader and Gumtree offer car search facilities.

Useful websites:


Estate agents in your local area will offer flats or houses to rent. Rents tend to be for 12 months with the option to break the contract after 6 months.
There is usually a deposit required of 4-6 weeks’ rent.
Most estate agents will expect you to view the property and to have the opportunity to meet you prior to renting a property. You will have to make a trip to the UK to organise accommodation or do it as soon as you arrive.
It can take only a few days to arrange a rental property.
There are also websites set up for renting rooms in a House Share within your local area. This can often be a very cost effective solution.

If you are looking for more temporary accommodation then there are Hotels and Bed & Breakfast (B&B) options. B&Bs tend to be a spare room in someone’s house.

Useful websites:

National Insurance Card

Once you start work you will require a NI card with your NI number. You will need to phone your local JobCentre to apply for a card. Once you have received your NI number you will need to notify your employer of this as soon as is possible. Your national insurance payments will be taken out by your employer and go towards your free health care.

Useful websites:

Income Tax

If you are in permanent employment your income tax will be deducted at source (ie from your monthly pay)


There are numerous high street banks in the UK.
To set up a bank account in the UK you will need photo identification and proof of address in the UK.
You can also choose to open an online bank account.


There are numerous high street mobile phone shops that will offer ‘Pay as you go’ contracts. These are very easy to set up and offer immediate access to a UK mobile.


When renting a property, opening a bank account or registering with a local Doctor we would recommend taking documentation including your Passport, contract of employment, rental tenancy agreement and NI card depending upon what you may have at any time in the process.


Dynamics in the UK offers both a great career and very good salary packages.  Job seekers looking to relocate to the UK should bear in mind that their salary will tend to increase substantially with experience working with and for UK based companies.
Please note this article and web links was written to the best of our knowledge for guidance only and it does not represent a legal document. Conspicuous are also not responsible for external websites.
For more information on your personal relocation issues, here at Conspicuous we are always willing to help and offer advice to Dynamics professionals.

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