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Millennial trends in Dynamics


Imagine having the power to drive down house prices, reshape the financial sector, charge a new sexual revolution and rethink the tradition of marriage.

We are a world under the influence of the Millenials – a generation that are also shaping the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.

Millennials are Generation Y – born into digital living, they’re world-savvy and driven by practicality and interest, which is poignant for the shifts in mobility and cloud use in Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM.

Interestingly, 90% of Millennials say they work when and where they choose, and they demand easy access to high-grade information – the food and drink of today.

This is also what Dynamics customers demand. Their projects are governed by the availability of services, intuitive user interfaces and fast access to relevant information.  

The Millenial client

The above relates the Millenial make-up to Dynamics users, but what’s more interesting is to think of these people as the developers and controllers of the products and services we consume.  

Forbes recently reported on Alexa Von Tobel, Founder of LearnVest – a site and app designed to make managing your money as easy as streaming music or ordering from Amazon.

“We do things on our schedule, from our phones with the push of a button, and we absolutely demand affordability,” said Alexa.

She’s now raised $72 million to fund her project.

Like Alexa, Millennials are the CEOs, CMOs and COOs of businesses. And just like Alexa, they’ll be working to improve practicality, emphasize stewardship, build long-term appreciation and use technology to cut costs.

Millenial Microsoft Dynamics

These trends are already being mirrored in the Microsoft Dynamics community, but only expect them to be amplified.

More exposure to online purchasing influencers enables customers to pinpoint value and quality. Modern purchasing is also characterised by a click, try and buy process. Even when a product has been road tested, products are acquired on-demand and on a subscription basis.

This is all governed by new millennial rationale.  

In short, Millennials are now your users and your clients. Develop, build, grow and sell with these people in mind. 

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