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Introducing a new series of posts on ERP for small business – From Microsoft Small Business Division

You may have heard of enterprise resource planning, or ERP. It’s often talked about in the world of big business. The question is: do you need it in your small business, or will you ever need some form of it in the future? In a new series of posts starting this week, we intend to show you that if you run a growing business, then the answer is very probably a definite yes.

It all comes down to how you intend to manage change. When your business expands, it is likely that you will find that while you were once happy to exist with spread sheet based or entry-level accounting software, you soon need to adapt with something better suited for the increasing business challenges that a growing, larger firm encounters.

 It is at this precise point that you might, in our experience, need to consider ERP. So over the coming weeks we will be posting a series of articles on how Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help your business take this important step. We’ll also feature a number of local case studies so you can see how our solutions work in action.

Before that, it’s well worth taking a moment to download the Grow Your Business Kit from our  ERP site. The Kit includes a Focus white paper that will give you an intro to ERP, and why you may need it, by encouraging you to ask yourself four key questions:

• How do we know we need a new ERP system?

• What delivery models are available for ERP software today?

• What are most important factors to consider in a modern ERP selection?

• What are the potential benefits to accrue to our firm with the new solution?

Enjoy the read, and don’t forget to check back for our first ERP post later in the week.

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