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Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – To be generally available from 1st May 2014 following an online event on Thursday 10th April.


As Microsoft is looking to become the default ERP choice for many organisations so the focus is increasingly tailored towards the customer.


There are four key capabilities that are expected in R3


A)     E-Procurement: AX 2012 R3 should have improved management of Request for Quote, Request for Proposal and Request for Information and a new evaluation criteria for improved decision making.


B)     Budget Planning Features: AX 2012 R3 should have increased capabilities making budget allocation according to changing market conditions and forecast budgeting scenarios.


C)     Integrated Supply Chain Management Features: AX 2012 R3 is expected to be developed for streamlining warehouse, distribution and logistics.


D)     New Retail Features: R3 is to focus on omni-channel shopping with improved retail capabilities.


There is also talk of companion applications for AX including: Interactive routing and scheduling app and a set of Google Glasses-like specs…  AX will be promoted on Azure as the backend offering full mobility for the solution.


AX 2012 R3 – “Customer focused, data, functionality and mobility” – This is a very similar message that Microsoft is pushing with Dynamics CRM and it fits with their vision for the future.


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