What Are the Key Benefits to Attracting New Talent to Your London Office?

If you work in people, you know how important it is to offer the right perks for attracting new talent to your Dynamics 365 team. The working world is changing dramatically, and as such, so are people’s expectations. Make sure that the benefits you offer are in line with current expectations of the work force. Recently, Aviva surveyed 2,000 employees and over 500 employers from varying business sizes to get their thoughts on what really matters to them. Some of the core benefits like job security, …

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Advice from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant – What do UK employers want?

The job market for Microsoft Dynamics 365 roles in the UK is full of opportunity for those who know how to grab hold of it. That said, the UK Dynamics 365 landscape is full of talent, so how can candidates differentiate themselves? One way is to know exactly what employers are looking for. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant team can help. How should grads be preparing for the requirements of Dynamics 365 employers in the UK? LinkedIn is a fantastic place to start if you don’t have anything. …

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5 ways to impress at an interview

5 Best Ways To Impress at Your Next Job Interview

Getting an interview is the first step when looking for a new job. It’s what happens in the interview that will leave a lasting impression with your employer and secure you the new job. Here’s our advice for acing your next interview: 1. Do your research The more prepared you are, the better you will come across and be able to answer questions calmly and accurately. Have a look at the company’s website and social media. In some cases, you may be able to arrange an informal visit to …

counter offer dynamics 365

When Your Employer Makes You A Counter-offer – Do You Stay or Do You Go?

Firstly, it might be a good idea to consider what is actually meant by a counter-offer… A counter-offer is given in response to an offer. It implies rejection of the original offer and puts the ball back in the court of the original offerer. If you have made the decision to leave your current role and have now received a job offer from another company, receiving a counter-offer from your existing employer can feel a bit like you have been thrown a curveball! Why are counter-offers made? It …